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Cycles Meditation

This meditation activates the microcosmic orbit within your meridian system. The activation of the microcosmic orbit is a well known Qigong practice based on the 8 extraordinary vessels, or meridians. It is known to be one of the best practices for the deepest levels of energetic structuring. By activating the microcosmic orbit, the Governing (DU) and Conception (REN) vessels you will build vitality within this cycle which in turn will nourish and build all other meridians within your system. 

This meditation has been formulated to bring in the frequency of zodiac earth to open up the meridians while relaxing the overall system in preparation for the activation of the orbit. The frequency of the new moon is brought in to activate the movement while creating a gentle opening for our psyches to explore new options. The frequency of the full moon then nourishes and nurtures the flow of the movement and restructuring of your energy system. Finally the frequency of Ohm is brought in to balance and ground you to mother Gaia while keeping you connected to the higher realms of intuition and source energy to activate your intuitive centers. 

The new moon and full moon is a complete cycle in of itself. By activating the microcosmic orbit of the DU and REN (masculine and feminine essence) with these frequencies it will help balance all cycles within you. It will help balance your circadian rhythm to help with sleep cycles, your central clock in relation to the hypothalamus gland and the balance of all hormones, the peripheral tissue clock to regulate food intake, energy use and insulin sensitivity. 

Use this meditation daily to create deep energetic nourishment for increased vitality and to balance all cycles within you.

*Do not use this product while operating a motor vehicle or heavy machinery.