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Free Meditation by Sharie!

This meditation will guide you into a theta brain wave state taking you out of your analytical mind into your subconscious where deep healing can take place.  By accessing your theta brain wave state, the state just before you fall asleep, it is possible to change belief patterns and heal your body as there is no resistance from our analytical mind. 

Focusing your attention on what you desire, such as healing, when in a theta state allows your innate healing system to take over as our “thinking” mind is bypassed here. When you arrive in your theta brain wave state during this meditation set your intention for whatever it is you’re desiring to accomplish then surrender and trust and feel it in your body that everything is taking place in its divine order. 

Doing this meditation daily, accessing the theta state, setting your intention and following the prompts you will be able to heal your body quicker or achieve what it is you desire without resistance.

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*Do not use this product while operating a motor vehicle or heavy machinery.