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Connect with your inner wisdom!

Everything becomes smoother and feels better when you move through daily life in touch with your personal INTUITIVE GUIDANCE.

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Intuitive Guidance Course — Winter 2024

Take a journey into yourself to connect with your inner wisdom!

When you learn to listen to your soul, you can find all the answers you seek within you. This foundational course will help you understand, ignite, enhance, and strengthen your intuition.

Walk your personal path rather than the one that society or others may nudge you toward. Find fulfillment and joy by following your inner knowing!

Tap into the infinite field of information available to you and begin applying it to any aspect of your life with the Intuitive Guidance Course.

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Registration closed January 22, 2024, at 11:59 PM Mountain.


Imagine if you could…


Quiet your mental chatter and reestablish the relationship with your inner wisdom and personal guidance system that you were born with.


Strengthen your soul connection and receive guidance you can trust, trading confusion and stress for clarity and confidence in life.


Move through your experience with ease, knowing that you can intuitively sense the best way for you to proceed, no matter the subject.


Receive one module per week for three weeks to watch on your own schedule, no need to join a live session! Then bring your questions for Sharie to the Q&A session for discussion, interaction, and additional guided experiences to help you move forward on your intuitive journey.


The first module is devoted to DISCOVERY! In this session, Sharie will lead the way as you start to:

  • Remember what intuition is and understand why you may have blocked it.
  • Learn various ways that your intuition can communicate with you.
  • Identify your strongest intuitive sense and develop others.
  • Attune to your unique abilities.

Module One will be available Tuesday, January 23rd.


The second module is all about DISCERNMENT. Sharie focuses this session on helping you:

  • Distinguish between false guidance, which can come from your thinking mind, and true intuition.
  • Identify what energy is yours and what is not and learn how to clear anything that is not yours.
  • Establish effective energetic boundaries.

Module Two will be released Tuesday, January 30th.


The third module turns to the APPLICATION of your intuition. In this session, Sharie shares practices for you to:

  • Scan your body for intuitive messages for what it needs to heal.

  • Reduce stress and anxiety caused by over-analyzing and an over-thinking mind.

  • Move forward rather than remain stuck in indecision.

  • See the bigger picture and the higher truth of what life is presenting to you.

  • Increase your creativity.

Module Three will be released Tuesday February 6th .

Live Q&A

The final module is an opportunity for you to bring your questions for Sharie!

The LIVE Q&A will allow for greater clarity on material from the previous modules and provide exercises to deepen your connection with your higher self.

Even if you are unable to attend live, you will have a chance to submit your questions! The replay will be provided following the conclusion of the session.

Module Four will take place LIVE at 6 PM Mountain on Tuesday February 13th. 

Every module includes at least one guided exercise designed to help you connect with, enhance, or utilize your personal intuitive guidance!

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Registration closed January 22, 2024, at 11:59 PM Mountain.

This course is for those who:

  • are looking to connect with their inner wisdom, personal GPS, or soul.
  • may feel their inner guidance already and wish to strengthen that relationship and communication.
  • want to practice applying their intuition to more areas of their lives.

This course is NOT for anyone who:

  • would rather seek guidance from outside sources than from within.
  • already applies personal intuition in every area of life with ease.
  • communicates readily with their soul or higher knowing.
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What makes Sharie Hohn such a great guide for this experience?

A deep sense of intuition is a large part of why Sharie has been a highly accomplished practitioner for the past three decades.

She is able to sense and see past the stories, the fears, and avoidances and is able to tune into your body messages to get to the root cause, the truth of your concerns whether physical, emotional, or spiritual. She then gently guides you to recognize your own truth bringing you to your deep “ah-ha” moments to help you move forward and heal.

Sharie listens, acknowledges, teaches, guides, and allows people to be real with themselves, accepting you as you are without judgment.

This deep intuitive sense that Sharie has combined with her formal training as an advanced Thetahealing™ practitioner and instructor makes Sharie a natural choice as your guide on your journey to remembering this important aspect of yourself in the Intuitive Guidance Course.

Meet Sharie

Sharie Hohn is truly a wholistic practitioner in every sense. With over three decades in the natural health field, her passion lies in guiding her clients through overcoming “dis-ease” in their lives and to see them succeed in achieving a life they love to wake up to through their own personal growth and awareness.

Sharie has moved through all aspects of the industry, owning a highly successful retail health food store for 18 years, traveling across Canada as a trainer to other retailers for one of the largest supplement companies in Canada and as a personal consultant and guide with her current business, Journey To Health, Health & Wellness Consulting Ltd.

For over thirty years, Sharie has been on her own journey of personal and spiritual growth which has given her the experience to share that with her clients on their own journeys. Combining nutrition with belief work in clearing old emotional blocks that can lead to the physical situations, bridging the physical with the emotional, has helped her obtain deeper cellular healing within herself and her own life that she passes onto her clients.

With her passion for her client’s success, you can have confidence that Sharie has the integrity to keep your best interest the priority, to give you her total commitment and focus, demonstrate a genuine willingness to help and support you as well as believe in your ability to succeed in your own individual healing process at your own pace.

How might you apply INTUITIVE GUIDANCE?

Guiding your life from within brings the joy, connection, love, and grounded creativity that can only come from an established relationship with your soul and deepest knowing.


Gain clarity on which particular path will serve your life best.

Physical Health

Tune in to what your body is saying so you can live vibrantly.


Allow your higher self's perspective to enrich your connections.

Personal Success

Follow your inner wisdom to more satisfaction in your career or creations.

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Registration closed January 22, 2024, at 11:59 PM Mountain.

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