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Sugar Detox 4 Week Program

Diets high is sugar pose a major risk on our metabolic health. It can cause neuro-inflammation and insulin resistance, which leads to a whole host of issues, not to mention it also has addictive properties. So, let's clean it up this month. The meal plan this month has no added sweeteners and the meals are focused on clean protein and veggies. The fruit within the plan is well balance in meals with healthy fats and protein. Berries are the main source of fruit which are low on the glycemic index scale.

**Please note this is not a gluten free and dairy free program**

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Journey Through Your Chakras

An eight-module journey to discover how to take your health to a whole new level. Guiding you through your chakras as you experience how your physical anatomy intertwines with your energetic anatomy.

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Happy Hormones 4 Week Program

This meal plan focuses on Omega 3 fatty acids, a variety of polyphenols, and a variety of anti-oxidants. It is rich in protein and healthy fats, and includes complex carbohydrates. Gluten is at a very minimum (though can very easily be swapped out for a gluten free option). Only clean organic dairy is used, also at a minimum. The plan also includes things like pomegranate, broccoli sprouts, flaxseed, and pumpkin seeds, all of which can help balance hormones through detoxification pathways
and by improving estrogen metabolism. This plan can be great for people struggling with PCOS, thyroid issues, and to improve insulin sensitivity.

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Gut Health Elimination 4 Week Program

This method of eating is a temporary diet that was designed to give the body a break from inflammatory and gut damaging foods. The goal is that by eliminating foods that can cause increased permeability of the gut (leaky gut) and hormone issues, the body can restore balance.

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Low Histamine 4 Week Program 

This plan can be great for people with allergy like symptoms, excessive fatigue, or any diagnosis correlated with mast cell activation or histamine intolerance, such as lyme disease, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, low blood pressure, or ADHD just to name a few.

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Candida Protocol 

Candida is a type of fungus that exists in the body, primarily in the gut, mouth, throat and vagina. When in balance, this yeast (type of fungus) poses no health risk. However, when candida grows out of control, it causes health problems.

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Family Friendly (Gluten Free) 4 Week Program

This plan is great for going into the holiday season when we often have family and friends around and kids are home from school or visiting. These meals are easy to make and can also be used for the pickier eating that is trying their best to eat healthy.

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