Guiding you on your journey to a life well balanced

Journey to Health offers a wholistic approach to wellness through physical and breakthrough sessions.
I help people achieve their goals in mind, body, and spirit.

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Elements of Success

There’s more to us than just the physical “self”. I will guide you on your journey to a deep understanding of
yourself and help you gain clarity and inner peace.

Heal generational/family
trauma & patterns

Decrease anxiety and
increase energy

Release trauma and grief/anger

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Have you ever felt this way in your life?

You are not alone. I help bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.


You’re unmotivated to accomplish your goals

You have low self-confidence or self esteem

You’re not passionate about anything and are dissatisfied with your life

You feel stuck and are unsure are of what to do next

Your Journey starts here

Bridging The Gap Between
The Physical, Mental
& Emotional

Journey To Health provides a dynamic, multifaceted approach to health & wellness. Integration of nutritional testing, guidance on nutritional changes, Sound Touch Vibrational Healing, and belief work produces real change at the cellular level enabling your body to let go of tension, pain, dis-ease, and dis-connection, awakening your body and soul to the beautiful flow of life.

Since 1991, Sharie Hohn has had a proven track record of helping to enhance health, energy, and vitality through natural methods. Discover a new way to look at a proactive approach to your health and well-being.


  • Intuitive Guidance courseĀ 
  • Journey Through Your Chakras
  • 4 Week Meal Plan and Prep CoursesĀ 
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Healing Sessions

  • Soul Transformation Sessions
  • Complete Physical Assessments
  • Blood Analysis with Iridology
  • Follow-up appointment
  • Biological Terrain assessment
  • Sound Touch Vibrational Therapy
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Each month, join Sharie for two LIVE interactions on what’s coming up as a common theme with health “and spirituality” on all levels.

Dive deeper into the cause and effects of why this may be happening in your and your loved ones’ lives and how to navigate it all with greater clarity and ease.

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Meet Sharie


Sharie Hohn is truly a wholistic practitioner in every sense. With over three decades in the natural health field, her passion lies in guiding her clients through overcoming “dis-ease” in their lives and to see them succeed in achieving a life they love to wake up to through their own personal growth and awareness.

- Freedom from expectation from others
- Trusting your instincts
- Abundance from purpose
- Groundedness into knowing

Letā€™s talk about your challenges

What Clients Have To Say

Megan Vano

“I cannot say enough about Sharie and how much she has changed my life. I’m so thankful I found her and we’ve taken this journey together. Thanks for all that you have done for me and my family. You gave me my life back.”

Clara Penner

“I have had the most amazing experiences working with Sharie using Theta. Not only did she have an amazing way of explaining it but the experience was truly remarkable. After the first session I easily tuned into all of the experience I was looking to clear because of how she explained what to expect. When I went back for my second appointment it was amazing how, after the Theta treatment, my life seemed to turn around in all the areas that she had worked on, just like all the blocks disappeared! I would truly recommend taking a Theta journey!”

Carrie McColl

My life has just changed Sharie, its hard to even put into words. I had a few major ahh haa moments after the session. I am losing weight, so much anger is gone. My focus has shifted, my creativity at work is just blossoming, Gracie and I are just making fun a priority. Thank you just doesn’t feel like enough. Now I want more healing for myself, ways to help my daughter and maybe a way to help others in the future.”

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