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This is not your average chakra course.

"I thought I was signing up for just another online thing that I would get to eventually...
...Well the joke's on me, because this journey has literally changed my life! 

If you are questioning whether or not to take this journey, think no more, it will change your life for the better! ❤" 

– Christina S

  • Experience how your physical anatomy intertwines with your energetic anatomy.

  • Go deeper into your healing journey by tuning into your own specific energetics to create great change and healing within your physical body and your entire life.

  • Gain clarity on how each chakra affects your physical body, including the nervous system and specific organs in each area.

  • Identify stuck emotions and beliefs (individual, collective, and ancestral) that may be creating imbalance or dis-ease and preventing the flow of health and healing within all body systems and in your life as a whole.

Imagine if you could…


Bring awareness to and release emotional triggers to enhance your relationship with others and, most importantly, with yourself.


Transcend chronic health patterns and states of dis-ease by removing blocks and creating free energy flow within your body.


Hone your intuition and connect to higher states of consciousness at will to move forward in the direction that you desire.

Take a journey of discovery through each of your 7 primary chakras...

Tune into each centre and to listen to your own body so you can heal both the physical and emotional aspects of these centres.

Bridge the gap between the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of your health by using foods specific to each chakra centre and its related organs and nerves to properly nourish and support your healing journey. 

Belief work, affirmations, mindset techniques, and enlightening conversations with your soul and with each other will be used to move old emotional debris and blockages that are keeping you stuck in your healing process. 

By addressing the physical and emotional aspects of healing, you will create beautiful flow in your body, enabling you to heal more completely, live with vibrancy, and feel free and grounded within yourself. 

This Course Includes…

8 Time-Released Modules 

Discover your personal body connection and embrace your vitality through eight video modules, each including Q&A and supporting materials.

Video & Audio Recordings

Audio and video recordings for each module become available upon completion of the last module. With lifetime access in your Library, you can always revisit the messages.

Transcripts & MP3s

Each session includes a downloadable PDF transcript, worksheet, and recipes. With downloadable audio files, you can also listen to replays anywhere.

Immediate Bonuses

Receive access to special bonus items immediately upon purchase to benefit right away, from the grounding session all the way through each chakra!

Join this Chakra Journey!

Say Hello to Your Chakras
Grounding Week

 Begin your journey by meeting the incredible and unique energy centers within you through a guided exercise and more! Ground into your being and prepare to live consciously so that you are able to move through this course and life with stability, becoming aware of and willing to release anything held in your chakras.

I Am Grounded, I Belong
Root Chakra

Clear the way to create strength and stability to enable you to manifest and maintain what it is you want to create in your life. Enhance the healing of your structure systems such as bones, blood, DNA,  men’s reproductive area, and your adrenal glands by balancing this chakra.

Exquisite Partnerships
Sacral Chakra

Uncover your soul’s desires and your own unique ways of relating and creating. Truly connect with yourself and others with your uniqueness. Become a powerhouse of creativity for change with yourself and in co-creation with others. Enhance the healing of your bladder, women’s reproductive area, kidneys and large intestine by balancing this chakra.

Powerful Me!
Solar Plexus Chakra

Sort through the chaos to become focused and set your soul desires in motion. Finally have the energy, self confidence and focus to set your life on fire! Enhance the healing of your digestive system, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, stomach and small intestine to improve absorption of nutrients by balancing this chakra.

Compassionate Love
Heart Chakra

Move through compassion fatigue for others and finally be able to “receive” love and compassion for yourself. Go beyond the limitations of the ego and personal preoccupations to open up more fully to compassion and acceptance of all that is, as it is. Enhance the healing of heart, breast, lymphatic and lung issues by balancing this chakra.

I Speak, I Listen
Throat Chakra

Develop beautiful balanced communication from a place of discernment, knowing when to speak and when to listen, and most importantly that you are worthy of being deeply heard. With a balanced throat chakra you can truly voice how you CHOOSE to live your life. Enhance the healing of your thyroid gland, neck and shoulder issues, thymus gland for immunity, as well as increasing your hearing and tasting abilities, by balancing this chakra.

My Wisdom
Third Eye Chakra

See the truth of who you are and why you’re hardwired like you are to open up to your higher potential. Separate truth from illusion and see the bigger picture of your life, including the path available to fulfill your soul's desires, when you clear this chakra. Live your life how you see fit, not by the path that others want you to take. Enhance the healing of your eyes, brain, pituitary gland, neurotransmitters and the regulation of hormones by balancing this chakra.

Connection to the Divine!
Crown Chakra

Connection to the pure essence you are created from comes with opening this chakra. Enhance your abilities to connect with this divine energy to hear the messages and allow divine energy to heal and bring peace to your life by expanding your trust. Enhance the healing of your pineal gland, the flow of energy through the acupuncture meridians and the nourishment of your nervous system by balancing this chakra.

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97.00 Course + 24.95 Monthly Membership

  • Journey Through Your Chakras Course
  • The Journey Membership Program
  • Bonus FREE Content Upon Registration

Journey Through Your Chakras

This course is for...

Those who are willing to take a deep dive within themselves and transform into the person they truly desire to be!



This course is NOT for...

Those who do not crave a deeper knowing within themselves.  

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Meet Sharie Hohn

Sharie Hohn is truly a wholistic practitioner in every sense. With over three decades in the natural health field, her passion lies in guiding her clients through overcoming “dis-ease” in their lives and to see them succeed in achieving a life they love to wake up to through their own personal growth and awareness.

Sharie has moved through all aspects of the industry, owning a highly successful retail health food store for 18 years, traveling across Canada as a trainer to other retailers for one of the largest supplement companies in Canada and as a personal consultant and guide with her current business, Journey To Health, Health & Wellness Consulting Ltd.

For over thirty years, Sharie has been on her own journey of personal and spiritual growth which has given her the experience to share that with her clients on their own journeys. Combining nutrition with belief work in clearing old emotional blocks that can lead to the physical situations, bridging the physical with the emotional, has helped her obtain deeper cellular healing within herself and her own life that she passes onto her clients.

With her passion for her client’s success, you can have confidence that Sharie has the integrity to keep your best interest the priority, to give you her total commitment and focus, demonstrate a genuine willingness to help and support you as well as believe in your ability to succeed in your own individual healing process at your own pace.


"When I saw that you were offering the Journey Through The Chakras online course I was excited to participate. Wow, it was huge, it was like opening up more uncharted territory. So much to consider, contemplate, and discover. This course has something to offer absolutely everyone. Everyone can ask themselves the questions you asked and discover so much about themselves."
- Carla

"Sharie has been very key in the process I've been going through. She has helped me to realize and understand some of the life lessons that came forward for me; and address and release, as they no longer serve me... I thank you so much for being there to help me achieve my best self in this life!"
- Vivien

Course Price


One-Time Payment

  • Journey Through Your Chakras Course
  • Bonus FREE Content Upon Registration

Members Get a Discount!


97.00 Course + 24.95 Monthly Membership

  • Journey Through Your Chakras Course
  • The Journey Membership Program
  • Bonus FREE Content Upon Registration
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